You're never too old to make music.

Dane County New Horizons Music, Inc.

Dane County New Horizons Music, Inc. (Dane County New Horizons Music) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) charitable organization that provides an entry point for aspiring adult beginner musicians and a re-entry opportunity for individuals who have been exposed to playing in a band during their school days.

To effectively carry out our mission, DCNM requires funds to support the educational activities necessary to develop and maintain a band. Unlike for-profit-supported New Horizons bands, Dane County New Horizons Music returns all fees back to the band to support its programs, build on its successes and maintain low costs to participants. Individual membership is $10 per two-hour weekly rehearsal ($15 for couples), payable at the first rehearsal of the month for the previous month. In the future the band may operate on a session basis and then payment would be by the session.

  • Fees support our conductor's efforts at rehearsals, sectionals, concerts and for preparation.
  • As the number of participants in the band increases, we will add sectional teachers to maintain a high level of quality in our music education.
  • The cost of buying music can be significant. We hope we can keep this as low as possible by sharing music with other bands whenever possible.
  • Liability insurance, licensing fees to publicly perform music and our web site adds another layer of cost.
  • While individual band members supply their own instruments, percussion instruments are typically purchased, maintained and stored by the band.
  • We also pay rent to the Madison Metropolitan School District for rehearsal space.

As a non-profit, we can accept donations, apply for grant money and develop a partnership relationship with individuals and businesses, all sources of untaxed funds that can decrease participant fees. Since inception, major costs have been covered through generous individual contributions of over $3,000. These have allowed us to incorporate, obtain 501(c)3 status, acquire a chorale & some equipment for the band, etc. We have also received a $500 grant from the New Horizons International Music Association to aid in the purchase of music and/or equipment.

Our board wishes to maintain transparency of budgeting and costs of the band and share the information with band members. If you have any questions about DCNHM's finances, please speak with our Financial Secretary.