Our Director: Kevin Cooley

Kevin Cooley is excited to be serving as the director of Dane County New Horizons Music.

He received his Bachelors in Music Education from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 2014. During his time at UNL, Kevin started working with developing students in local schools. Since then he's enjoyed working at summer band camps and schools around the Midwest as a coach, adjunct instructor and director. Kevin is currently the director of the Platteville (Wisconsin) High School Band along with his position with Dane County New Horizons Music in Madison, Wisconsin. When not conducting, Kevin plays trombone with the band.

Kevin is giving Dane County New Horizons Music members the tools needed to be successful in adult bands and ensembles. He's also excited to build a community of people who are both seeking an opportunity to make music and to form lifelong relationships with their fellow musicians.

Current members of Dane County New Horizons Music find Kevin to be an enthusiastic director, who takes the time to bring the best out of the musicians through his directing and teaching skills as well as his great sense of humor.

Kevin is currently highlighted in the New Horizons International Music Association article, "Young Director Sees the Future in New Horizons Movement."

Dane County New Horizons Music, Inc.

Our Associate Director: Abby Dominick

Abby Dominick is pleased to be the Associate Director of Dane County New Horizons Music.

She received her Bachelors' in Music Education from the University of Wisconsin, Madison in 2012. Since graduation she has been working in the Madison Metropolitan School District. She has been at Blackhawk Middle School since 2014. Her principal instrument is flute, however, when not conducting, she plays whatever instrument is most needed in the band.

While she enjoys teaching young people in the schools, she finds teaching adults to be enjoyable, but for different reasons. She finds that adult band members are highly motivated to learn to play and perform together. Since the adult brain works differently from that of Middle Schoolers, different teaching techniques are required, but she finds teaching in a relaxed, adult atmosphere to be refreshing. 

Members of the band enjoy her enthusiasm and the added balance brought to the band when she is playing with the band. Members have also commented on her teaching ability and how well her conducting style compliments that of our Director. The Board of Directors is very pleased that she has joined our program.

You're never too old to make music.